• Why the RAM Size on Your Computer Is Significant

    Do you get confused when it comes to the different types of memory on your computer? You may look at the specification of your machine and see a reference to RAM and believe that this is where all of your files are going to be kept. However, while RAM is indeed memory, it will only store information while it is being processed and, in this respect, is known as "volatile." Why do you need to pay attention, therefore, to the size of the RAM on your machine, if it only has this temporary role?
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  • Considerations for Using Network Design Apps on Smaller Networks

    As a networking administrator for a small business, you may be tasked with both implementing the network design and coming up with ways to cut costs in the networking department. One design tool you may have considered using is a networking app. These apps are available, like most apps, to the general public and can save a fair amount of money over buying more costly larger software packages. if this is something you are considering, you may want to consider a few key points of what the apps can do as well as what to look for in an app for your businesses network needs.
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  • Virus? Here is how you know that your computer is a victim

    When using your personal computer, you are probably aware of the temperamental nature of your machine. The computer will be functioning perfectly this minute, and then it can suddenly slow down, become unresponsive, or even reboot itself. There is a certain manner that you expect the computer to function and any deviation from the norm may be an indicator that something is not right. For instance, you expect that the machine will only reboot when the user issues a command requiring the system to reboot.
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