Why the RAM Size on Your Computer Is Significant

Posted on: 27 June 2017

Do you get confused when it comes to the different types of memory on your computer? You may look at the specification of your machine and see a reference to RAM and believe that this is where all of your files are going to be kept. However, while RAM is indeed memory, it will only store information while it is being processed and, in this respect, is known as "volatile." Why do you need to pay attention, therefore, to the size of the RAM on your machine, if it only has this temporary role?

Broadly speaking, computer memory can be configured as either temporary or permanent. As mentioned, random access memory or RAM stores some information on an integrated circuit and this is used by the machine's operating system. This memory is termed as volatile, because if the device were to lose its power all of the content would also be lost. It is completely separate from the memory that will keep content when the power is disconnected.

RAM vs. Hard Drive

Usually, all information that you need to keep is stored on the hard drive, although it can also be safely stored on a peripheral drive or output to the cloud. Sometimes, this is referred to as "secondary storage."

If you are still confused, note that the memory allocation number for your primary storage will be many times larger than the number allocated to random access memory. For example, you may have 8 GB of RAM, but 1 TB of hard disk drive storage.

RAM Size 

RAM is very important and, here, size matters. If you want to boost performance, a very cost-effective way of doing so is to increase the amount of RAM on your computer. If you use your machine for multitasking, or want to surf the web a lot more quickly, then the more RAM that you have the better. In this way, when you open several programs at a time you won't notice a slowdown in performance. Also, your browser pages will display much more quickly if you upgrade the memory, even though your Internet connection may already be fast.


While you will be focused on the amount of space that you have to store all your videos, audio files and downloads, it's worthwhile focusing on the amount of volatile memory capability as well. Take your computer into your nearest repair shop in order to upgrade your RAM for better performance.